Action Magazine is a Texas entertainment magazine which has served San Antonio and the South Texas area for more than three decades. This web page represents yet another step on my part into the 21st Century.

Hundreds of musicians, media people, nightclub operators, and friends have been bugging me for years about an Action Magazine web site. I never recognized the need, but technological advances in the print media business, along with a changing computerized world, have altered my thinking.

At the urging of Hector Saldana, Krayolas band leader and a senior writer with the San Antonio Express-News, I finally broke down and hired Harry Thomas to start building this web page. In addition to being a graphic artist for the Express-News, Thomas moonlights as a web page engineer, among other things.

The internet will never replace print in this lifetime, but I’m ready to make a few necessary concessions. We now offer monthly Action cover reproductions on the web site, plus the abililty to download the entire issue in PDF format. Depending on how well that goes, we’ll post back issues as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many readers and loyal advertisers who have hung with me throughout the years. I have no intention of retiring from this racket I have learned to love, so there is little left to do but continue on with the changing times. I would like to know what you think. Click on the Contact us link.

Sam Kindrick,

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