Sam_mug2_0Action Magazine editor-publisher Sam Kindrick is probably the best-known and enduringly controversial writer on the San Antonio and South Texas scene. A onetime daily columnist for the San Antonio Express-News, Kindrick has penned one book, been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, won Associated Press writing awards until he tired of stuffing the certificates in old shoe boxes, and flourished at one time as the “news” voice on legendary rock station KEXL.

When fired from the Express-News for “associating with undesirable” characters (Willie Nelson was named as one of those characters at the time), Kindrick launched Action Magazine with the blessings and advertising dollars of Lone Star Beer brewery owner Harry Jersig, a San Antonio business leader who liked Kindrick’s writing style as well as what was then described as his “outlaw attitude” and his so-called outlaw musician friends who Lone star was sponsoring at the time. A graduate of Texas State with a degree in journalism, Kindrick has benefitted from the J-school training start, but the writing style he has forged came out of no textbook. It came from the streets.

Sam Kindrick has never been a wide-eyed gee-whiz musician groupie. And Action has prevailed while amateurish imitators have tried and failed throughout the years. Kindrick has survived the slings and arrows of the tabloid publishing business, and he still tells it like it is, either good or bad. The musicians and others he writes about have always respected his bare-bone honesty and professional approach with Action Magazine columns and editorials. Kindrick recognizes no earthly deities, and the Action publisher has never been known to back away from much of anything.

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