Action Magazine is a monthly entertainment tabloid which has published non-stop in San Antonio since March, 1975. The first issue featured Willie Nelson on its cover, and subsequent issues throughout the years have spotlighted everyone from David Allan Coe to Texas Ranger Joaquin Jackson.

While Action Magazine is read by thousands and recognized in San Antonio and South Texas as the true voice of the Texas music industry, the journal is far more than a conventional “music magazine.” Instead of reviewing and critiquing musicians and their music, Action presents crisply-written articles about the men and women who make the music, complete with sharp and dramatic photographic art which, like our editorial content, is unmatched by any other publication in Texas.

Musician articles are Action’s staple, but the magazine covers anything deemed of an entertaining nature. Johnny Bush, Hank Williams Jr., Hank Williams III, the late Floyd Tillman, Johnny Rodriguez, blues master Bobby Bland, Augie Meyers, Willie Nelson, Moe Bandy, the late Doug Sahm, and the list of music greats goes on and on. But Action covers have also featured Rev. Bob Harrington, the Bourbon Street parson, along with such colorful characters as bare-knuckle brawler Bobby (Kid Death) Thomas, onetime world middleweight contender Tony Ayala, and Igo (Igo the Great) Mendoza, a motorcycle daredevil who was San Antonio’s answer to Evel Kneivel and a cycle jumper who bested every feat Kneivel ever accomplished.

Current events of every description, including some sports and issues of a political nature, are handled in Action columns. And Action editor-publisher Sam Kindrick, a former daily newspaper columnist, book author, and former radio personality, is probably the most controversial and best-read outlaw journalist on the Texas scene today. He follows no dictates of the usual journalistic order, and Kindrick is his only editor.

Action has been sustained for more than 30 years by the loyal advertisers who swear by the journal. The tabloid is published monthly on or about the first of every month, and distributed on free-distribution racks which are situated in nightclubs, restaurants, and other people places throughout San Antonio and surrounding counties. The tabloid publishes on high-grade paper stock with full-color covers and full-color interior space available for both advertising and editorial material.

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