Sams book ad_quarter_v1 A true Texas treasure and 21st Century antique (Book printed in 1973), now back on the market through special offer!

For 41 consecutive years, this book by Action Magazine editor-publisher Sam Kindrick has narrowly escaped the New York Times best seller list.

Says the author: “This book is a compilation of daily columns I wrote while with the San Antonio Express and News. Production, printing, and promotion of the book was a total Express-News project. The late Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez was promoting the book on local television, and book sales were brisk until I parted company with the newspaper under circumstances that were anything but cheerful.”

In lieu of severance pay, Sam Kindrick was given the remaining stock of unsold books, and without any viable way to market the product, he has had them in storage ever since.

“I hold no resentments today,” says Kindrick. “What’s done is done, and I am ready to start moving the books again.”

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