Doc Roy gives the bear the road

Dr. Roy Kindrick
Dr. Roy Kindrick
Dr. Roy Kindrick

I never thought I would see the day, but the day has arrived.

Dr. Roy Kindrick

My snuff-dippping oral surgeon first cousin Dr. Roy Kindrick has laid down the snuff can.

Since a recent piece on Roy that ran on my Facebook page, the doc has suffered a blackout that caused a fall which split open his head and convinced him that us Kindricks probably should not use tobacco, whether it be smokeless or of the smoke-producing variety.

Roy is a former university professor with a dental pedigree a mile long, so the world of medics and health nuts were taken aback when Doc Roy wrote and self published a guide for the smokeless tobacco user.

In the recent article, I noted Roy’s switch from Copenhagen to a Swedish brand of smokeless tobacco called Snus. And it was my erroneous observation that the doc “wouldn’t give a bear the road” in his dogged insistence that smokeless tobacco would not be harmful enough to warrant quitting the stuff.

Roy says he will now have to share the road. Or let the bear have it all.

He wrote: “Passed out last weekend and banged my head on the concrete–sixteen stitches and a minor subdural bleed and concussion. Won’t be able to travel for another week or I guarantee you I would be in Junction (for my high school class reunion).”

Then came the blockbuster:

“P.S. No more smokeless tobacco for me. The doc thinks it may be reacting with one of my heart meds and causing me to pass out. I am climbing the walls. Prayers are needed and appreciated. It’s that fuckin’ bear again.”

So it looks like the bear has it. For now.